Welcome to Jimmy’s Dog Training

Dog Training Geelong

My name is Jimmy Graham and I own and run “Jimmy’s Dog Training” school in Geelong. I help people to communicate more clearly with their dogs and gain a better understanding of the canine mind and how to get the most from your dog! Learn how to gain more respect and loyalty from your dog, so that you can enjoy your best friend the way its supposed to be!

I learned my training methods from a life time of working with and owning all types of dogs, I use methods that are specific to you and your dog. I believe that every dog learns differently to some degree, therefore i don’t use a “blanket technique” to ‘cure it all’. There is a solution to every problem you just have to figure it out!

I offer a range of potential one on one dog training options and dog classes.

Dog issues I can help with

  • dog aggression problems
  • anxiety problems
  • barking issues
  • excessive excitement in dogs
  • introducing new pack members or reuniting old
  • dogs with fear problems
  • trouble listening
  • jumping up
  • pulling on leads or difficulty walking your dog
  • not coming back
  • any other dog behavioral problems that you maybe be dealing with

If any of these sound familiar, I can help. Drop me a line and we’ll have your dogs behaviour improving in no time.

Come and visit Jimmy’s Dog Training

Come out and see ‘The Dog Ranch‘ my HQ, I have group classes and Geelong dog training sessions that run weekends and some week nights, to get that real world practice that can be hard to achieve in distracting environments!

I set these classes up so that the people who have trouble with there dogs don’t have to feel embarrassed or isolated from the ‘dog community’ There is no dog that i will ever say ‘no’ to!! I always say, ‘if you wanna learn how to swim, you gotta jump in the pool!’

So, if you would like to get the best out of your best friend drop us a line and we can set up a time and date to meet. I love dogs and love my job, helping people help their dogs!

So either come see me out at The Dog Ranch or book a one on one session!