Foundation Class

Dog Foundation Behaviour ClassIn the foundation class you will learn how to become a better leader for your dog.

Learn to read their body language better and gain more handling skills to control them in more challenging situations.

This class will focus more on social interactions and maintaining a better more balanced state of mind around other dogs and in everyday situations.

A good “in-between” class for those of you who aren’t quite ready for the fast pace of recall class but ready to move from the reaction class.

Learn to get a little more from your best friend.

When are classes?

Due to COVID-19 class times may change, Please check our Facebook to see the updated times for that week or Contact Us. Please remember bookings are required.

Do I need to book for classes?

Again due to COVID bookings are required, please check in with us first to discuss the best class to start socialising your dog

How much are classes?

Classes are $20 per dog

Not sure which is the right class for your dog?

Contact Us, and have a chat about what will suit you and your dog.