Reaction Class

Dog Reaction ClassThe reaction class is for those people who have dogs that are hard to handle around other dogs.

In this class you will learn how to control your dogs state of mind while in the presence of other dogs.

This is a class with serious anxious or even aggressive dogs, and measures are taken to make absolutely sure that all people and dogs are safe out at the dog ranch.

The class will focus on good state of mind and maintaining that through out challenging situations and exercises, building good foundations for lead work and becoming a well balanced member of the canine society!

So if you have a ‘reactive dog’ then this is the class for you and your dog!

When are classes?

Due to COVID-19 class times may change, Please check our Facebook to see the updated times for that week or Contact Us. Please remember bookings are required.

Do I need to book for reaction class?

Due to COVID-19 bookings are required, please check in with us to discuss the best way to start socializing your dog first.

How much are classes?

Classes are $20 per dog.

Not sure which is the right class for your dog?

Contact Us, and have a chat about what will suit you and your dog.