Have a question not covered here? Just drop us a line, and we’ll get back to you!

Do I need to book for group classes?

Due to COVID-19 bookings are required Contact Us.
For reaction class: Please check in with us first to discuss the best way to start socialising your dog.

How old does my puppy need to be to come to class?

Make sure your puppy is at least 13 weeks old, and has had their second vaccinations before bringing them out to the ranch.

How do I book a one on one session?

For all one on one sessions, please contact us. All bookings are taken by email or facebook message.

How do I choose what class is best for my dog?

Check out our range of classes to see what would you most want to get out of your dog. If you’re still not sure, contact us to discuss the best option for you and your dog.

How do I get to the ranch?

Follow the map on the contact us page. Just make sure to enter via Lings Rd, and follow the signs.

How much are classes?

Puppy class & Advanced Recall class: $20 per puppy
All other classes: $20 per dog

What should I bring to classes?

You’ll need:

  • Your dog
  • a good lead and collar
  • treats
  • water for you and your dog
  • Most importantly, bring along an open mind!

How many dogs can I bring to classes?

Please only bring 1 dog per person. Eventually it may be possible to bring more than one dog, but to start they need the one on one attention to get the foundations right.

Are you a “positive only” trainer?

I don’t use any one type of training method. I believe in a balanced approach to training dogs, and use a variety of techniques depending on the situation, and most importantly the dog.
I believe in rewarding good behaviour with positive reinforcement, but also believe that setting boundaries and teaching your dog that you are the “pack leader” is just as important.

My dogs pull on the lead, can you help?

Yes! There is no behavioural problem I can’t help with. For lead pulling, or any other issue, Contact us to discuss the best way to help you and your dog.

Can you help find a new home for my dog?

Unfortunately we can’t post on our Facebook page advertising dogs. If we do it for one, then we have to do it for all. We can highly recommend the rescue groups in Geelong.

My dog failed dog school, can I still come?

Yes! We will welcome anyone, no matter how impossible the issue may be. We’ve helped many dogs who have “failed dog school” and even some that have been called “hopeless” where the owners have been told they would have to put down their dog because they couldn’t be rehabilitated.
There’s no issue too big, and no dog we’ve ever said no to.
If you are really unsure how to start, just Drop us a line to discuss the best way to start communication with your pet.