Meet The Team


Head Dog Trainer

Dog BehavhiorI learned my training methods from a life time of working with and owning all types of dogs, I use methods that are specific to you and your dog. There is no dog that i will ever say ‘no’ to!! I always say, ‘if you wanna learn how to swim, you gotta jump in the pool!’


Head Dog Trainer

Dog training GeelongIf you’ve been out to the ranch, you’ve probably met Jess. She’s the one helping run classes, and helping people become effective leaders of their packs.



Dog Walking on LeadRole model, positive example, “crowd control” dog when it gets a little crazy. Jimmy’s own best mate is always on hand to show the other dogs the right state of mind.



This is Ben, you would have noticed this big guy kicking around The Ranch lately. He has been helping us out and is a welcomed addition to the team and has a good gift when it comes to training our four legged mates, anyone who has met Neo and Maggie will attest to that



This is Bonnie, she loves dogs and you most likely would have seen her working in class with her and Bens pack. She has a natural talent with dogs and owns Abi the husky



This is Jennie, she runs and owns Hi-Paws Dog Training in Pipers Creek. Jennie has been attending classes at The Dog Ranch for over 4 years Jennie was a vet nurse for over 25 years and completed her certificate III in Dog Behaviour and Training through NDTF. She has been showing and competing in obedience/agility with her cattle dogs. She has her own pack at home but you will see her with Memphis the puppy cattle dog in Advanced Recall and The Master Class.