Jimmy is fantastic at his job! we took our Staffy to see him to help with over excitement issue’s around other dogs. His first class he was so intense he gave himself a blood nose and vomited within the first 3 minutes!! Today, he is a completely different dog and is now pretty much bulletproof! Jimmy showed us how to correctly communicate with him and how to become the “pack leaders”. Thank you so much for all your help. Highly recommend Jimmy to anyone.
– Jessica
Best advice jimmy gave us was to calm our dog dog before we got out the door. It may take us 15 mins to get his lead on and 5 mins sitting before he’s allowed out but it def calmed him immensely and he walks like a dream! My biggest mistake was to yell at him and force the lead on. Who would have known. Thanks for your advice!!!
– Simone
Thank you so much jimmy, Brett myself and our 4 kiddies are very excited to start implementing the techniques you taught us today!
You were fabulous

– Michelle
Jimmy has seriously changed our lives!! We have two brand new dogs thanks to Jimmy showing us how to claim back the “top dog” spot in our pack 🙂 Thanks Jimmy!
– Jenna
Completely amazed and speechless. My high expections from all the reviews where proven to be above and beyond. Couldn’t recommend anyone else but Jimmy. One extremely happy customer!
– Kyra
Beyond belief, staffy that usually pulls on a lead walking next to Jimmy with no lead in less than 15 minutes, very happy! Highly recommend
– Jesse
Don’t even know where to begin! Not even 10 minutes into just one session with Jimmy and he brought out the best in my beautiful girl. Normally over stimulated and reactive to other dogs I was able to walk our familiar route and not have her react to her usual triggers. We had our best walk ever! Jimmy (along with Jess and his gorgeous dogs) is fantastic with the pups but also great at communicating with the person on the other end of the lead to teach us how to work some of his magic. Cannot recommend him highly enough!
– Debi